iOS 12 is installed on 88% of active iPhones and iPads

iOS 12 is already installed on 80% of all devices

Last December, we commented that the installed base of the iOS 12 was 70% of total devices; Now, just over two months later, the latest version of Ma's mobile operating system is installed on 80% of all gadgets, as posted on this Apple Developer Support page.

IOS 12 Adoption on All Devices

Looking only at the devices launched in the last four years, the share of adoption of iOS 12 is slightly higher: 83%. Meanwhile, 12% of these devices continue to use iOS 11 and only 5% run previous versions of Ma's mobile operating system.

Adoption of iOS 12 on devices of the last four years

Overall, 12% of all iOS devices are running iOS 11 and 8%, earlier versions. Last year, in mid-January, iOS 11 had an installed base of 65%, about 10% less than last month when Apple reported that 75% of devices were using iOS 12.

In part, the growth of iOS 12's installed base may be attributable to the problems surrounding the FaceTime bug that, while not affecting anyone using previous versions of iOS, may have served as a reason for many people to upgrade to iOS 12.1.4.

Last week Apple released the third beta of iOS 12.2. The update includes new Animojis, Apple News in Canada, AirPlay 2 related news, and more.

via MacRumors