iOS 12.2 beta 2 comes with new Animojis and “5G” icon in status bar [atualizado 3x]

O iOS 12.2 beta 2 was released today by Apple. And if you thought we wouldn't see anything new than the ones we already followed in the first beta, you're wrong!

Check out what has changed:

New Animojis

AnimojisImages: Vincius Porto

You do Animojis? So you will like to know that 4 new ones joined the 19 existing ones. Just them: shark, owl, boar and giraffe.

For those not yet familiar with the feature, we made a video explaining everything about it.

5G on the iPhone?

In the United States, AT&T began to display the “5G E” instead of 4G / LTE in certain areas, as we can see below:

Some AT&T iPhones are displaying the misleading “5G E” icon on iOS 12.2 beta 2 https://www.macrumors/2019/02/04/att-iphones-5ge-icon-beta-2/ by @julipuli.

It's just a marketing gimmick, since no iPhone can connect to a 5G network today. The "E" means Evolution, a new brand that AT&T is using for some parts of its LTE network. According to the operator, 5G Evolution reaches a theoretical peak of 400Mb / s wireless speed, which does not match the 5G data transfer speeds, in fact, it is a typical LTE Advanced Pro connection speed.

That is, AT&T is more of a mess than aiding this transition to 5G.

Battery Percentage on Lock Screen

Has Apple changed the behavior of the information shown on the Lock Screen?

The latest iOS 12.2 beta shows the battery percentage reading permanently on the Lock Screen (not just while charging). I hope it's a bug because it's boring – I want to see the date!

In fact, it makes little sense to show the percentage instead of the date when the phone is not charging and Benjamin Mayo himself has tried to clear up any doubt:

Okay, phew (I should have checked the release notes first).

As Apple itself explains in the release notes of the new version, this is a bug even if it is resolved by turning off / on the device.

· • ·

If other iOS 12.2 beta 2 news comes up, we'll update this article with them. 😉

Update 2/5/2019 12:27 PM

IOS 12.2 also comes with limited accelerometer and gyro access in Safari probably for privacy issues, as reported by MacRumors.

The greater likelihood that such an Apple implementation occurred as a response to an article by WIRED, where it was reported that thousands of sites had full access to motion data, orientation, proximity and light sensors on mobile devices.

New iOS 12.2 Safari Motion and Guidance access optionImage: Vincius Porto

Now on iOS 12.2, I need to enable the “Move and Access Guidance” option in Safari Privacy Settings You can try this new option (off and on) on sites like this one. So far, nothing much; The problem is that this new behavior may break many augmented / virtual reality applications.

Since everything is still in the testing phase, Apple may leave this feature enabled by default (giving you only this option to turn it off if you wish); or maybe everything will be deactivated, but as soon as you enter such a site, an alert will appear to ask whether or not you want to enable the feature (as it does when it asks for your location, for example).

Update II 02/06/2019 19:45

As new features arrive, others move away.


As we can see in the image above, in the first beta of iOS 12.2 and in previous versions, there is an option “Ask Not To Track Me”. According to Apple, it was removed from iOS 12.2 beta 2 to avoid potential use as a fingerprint variable (which, ironically, can be used for tracking purposes). The same feature was also taken from Safari Technology Preview 75 (a kind of MacOS Safari beta) released today.

The feature, which is a browser-submitted preference for multiple websites requesting that advertising companies not use tracking methods, was implemented by Apple in 2011 (not for macOS Lion). The fact that it is in the hands of advertising companies respect or not this option of the user and you must imagine what happens in it? Therefore, the feature has no real utility.

To replace it, as reported by the MacRumors, Apple has implemented much tougher options (such as the “Prevent Tracking” option) that actually have a tangible effect and hinder the tracking methods that many advertisers and websites use to analyze user navigation.

Update III 02/08/2019 at 19:00

One more news:

Mark as played in Podcasts app, new in iOS 12.2

In the Podcasts app, you will be able to mark an episode as already played, as reported by 9to5mMac.

Note that this is not quite new: the feature existed but was removed from the app when the Podcast app was redesigned on iOS 11. To do so, simply enter the episode in question, tap the menu and mark as played if you chose to automatically delete it. the episodes played, so it disappears from your device.