iOS 12.1 will correct failure with reloading certain iPhones / iPads

A few days ago, just after the appearance of #BeautyGate, which is already proving to be a little hasty, perhaps the internet was in an uproar with the possibility of having a second #gate involving the XS / XS Max iPhones.

Once again, the (attempted) controversy came from Lewis Hilsenteger, from the channel Unbox Therapy. In one video, he made a big deal about a possible problem with the new iPhones with recharging them with the Lightning cable. Basically, some units tested by him do not start to recharge immediately when connecting the cable, only if the screen is turned on.

From Lewis' own demonstration, it was absolutely clear that this was a mere software bug affecting some units. Not surprisingly, in * all * the iPhones XS / XS Max of our team, employees and friends, the problem did not manifest itself. For this very reason, we we chose not to give them a “no-news”.

Well, as reported Rene Ritchiefrom the blog iMore, the second beta of iOS 12.1 released today already brings the fix to this bug that you see, proving once again that it is nothing related to iPhones XS / XS Max, specifically affects some iPhones * and * also iPads running iOS 12.

So, ok. In a few days, the #ChargeGate was exterminated by Apple before it was officially made a real problem with the new iPhones.