iOS 12.1.2 Changes App Closure Animation in China to Respect Qualcomm Patents

The day before yesterday, somewhat by surprise, Apple released the iOS 12.1.2 for all its users around the world. One of the reasons for this early update would be to change some system element so that Ma would no longer infringe on patents. Qualcomm In China the chip maker, as is well known, is filing a lawsuit against Apple in the Wall which could lead to the banning of iPhones there if the infringement was not stopped.

So far, it was not known exactly what had changed in iOS 12.1.2 to reflect that of Apple. Because analyzing the system update notes in China, the MacRumors discovered where the "X" of the issue is and no, it has nothing to do with the issue of modems and receivers that have ignited the other legal disputes between the two companies. Instead, it is a simple animation of the system's multitasking screen.

As you well know, the gesture to force an app to close in the multitasking panel involves a simple swipe up; the app window disappears from the screen rising to its limits. It turns out Qualcomm has a patent in China that describes exactly this interface element; That's why Ma has changed the animation in Chinese territory, and now the closed app windows will shrink to disappear when you make the gesture to close them.

O changelog Chinese also cites an update on the sharing sheet, when used to define contact or background images, perhaps something also related to a Qualcomm patent.

In the rest of the world, the multitasking dashboard follows without any changes. It is not known if the change in Chinese territory will be enough to resolve the imbroglio or if there is more water to roll under this bridge which I am sure that the problems between Apple and Qualcomm go far beyond a simple interface element, therefore surely many chapters will still emerge here.