iOS 11 brings a leveler to take photos perpendicular to the floor

THE iOS 11 it brings several new features, some so discreet that they are hardly noticed. One is a leveler for the camera, which makes it easy to take photos from above or below.

If you have tried to take a picture of an object on a table or on the floor, you must have realized that it is not easy to find the correct position so that the iPhone is exactly perpendicular to the floor, so that the angle does not distort the image. Many may not even notice (or care about it), but this happens when taking a picture of a box, for example.

As perfect as you try to be, the angle is unlikely to be accurate so that the image is not twisted. And if you haven’t noticed these distortions yet, see below when placing a reference line:

There are apps that help to reduce distortions (like the great SKEW), but until then there was no way to fix this at the time the photo is taken.

In iOS 11, it is possible to activate a leveler that allows you to take photos from above (or from below), with the iPhone parallel to the horizon level. Two crosses on the screen appear, and you just need to leave them in the same position for the iPhone to be level. Check out how it works in the video:

Crosses only appear when you point the camera at the floor or at the ceiling. Thus, it is much easier to level the device when taking a photo.

By default, this function is not activated on iOS 11. To use it, just go to Settings> Camera and activate the option Grid.

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