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iOS 11.4 * won't * bring protection tool against unlocking tools, like GrayKey

Yes, the title above is almost identical to this one here last week, but what was good news has become, in the ears of the milder, a warning that everything will just continue the same for now; already the most angry will say that Apple abandoned us and everything is lost. I would say that it doesn't do so much or so little.

Anyway, I digress: the fact that the Gizmodo reported today that the resource USB Restricted Mode (USB Restricted Mode), which was present in some beta versions of iOS 11.4 and it could represent an end to iOS device unlocking tools, like GrayKey, is no longer in the fifth version of the system tests (made available earlier today).

USB Restricted Mode was listed on the changelog of the last two betas of iOS 11.4, but disappeared from the list of changes in this fifth test version and not even a trace of it can be found in the new system. The site contacted Apple to clarify the situation but did not get a return, indicating a possible permanent withdrawal of the tool otherwise, certainly the company would comment giving some justification, as usual.

Of course, it is still possible that the feature will return in a future beta version of iOS 11.4 or even in the final version of the system, but at this point, perhaps, it is better to not feed our expectations. On iOS 12, perhaps?