iOS 10: “Cellular Data” button / shortcut may finally appear in the Control Center

Perhaps not everyone is really optimistic enough to use the phrase "hope is the last that dies". Even so, in a certain way, we all still keep in our hearts the desire that Apple will give us some tools that have been needed for some time.

To our delight, developer Andrew Wiik did, the same one who found “Dark Mode” found traces at iOS 10 suggesting that, finally, we may have a specific button for Cellular Data in the Control Center.

Did Apple finally give us the Cellular Data option? (no cone for some reason)

Scouring for possible news in the beta version of the new system, Wiik discovered a new framework named ControlCenterUI and, inside it, a class named CCUICellularDataSetting. When running the iOS simulator and hacking to run the option, an empty button appears in the Control Center.

Although there is no icon, the green color appears when the option is activated. And, following the new standard of the Control Center, the activated icons have the same color as your icon in the Settings; therefore, it makes sense that the green color appears when the Cellular Data option is activated.

Let's hope that this option really appears because it will be very, very welcome. Better late than never, right?

More rumors about iOS 10

During the presentation “What’s new in Metal, Part 1” (something like “What's new in Metal, part 1”), at WWDC 2016, participants noticed a different cone on iOS 10, but with a very familiar name.

Text Editor on iOS WWDC 2016

At minute 17’58 ”, you can see a icon with the name Text Editor (TextEdit) that would be a version of the native OS X macOS app. There is no third-party application whose name is this and has such an icon, which leads us to believe that the macOS editor is even going to iOS.

Despite this, the rumor that the Text Editor would go to iOS has previously appeared, along with a Pr-Preview icon (Preview). This happened back in 2014, when the iOS 8 beta was being tested and, as we know, neither app was added to the final version of the system. Therefore, the cone we saw may mean just an application used internally by Apple developers and engineers as a testing tool or something like that.

(via iDownloadBlog, MacRumors)

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