There are already almost 5,000 applications in the iMessage App Store, but growth is slowing

iOS 10: Apple releases iMessage App Store, as well as SUPER MARIO RUN stickers and others

We are eagerly waiting for Apple to release to the entire public not only to beta testers new versions of their operating systems. Apparently, at 2 pm today, we will see the updates (iOS 10, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10) painting over there.

In preparation for this moment, many developers have already made their sticker packs available (stickers) on the iMessage App Store, even before the official launch of iOS 10. Starting with the recently announced game, SUPER MARIO RUN.

Super Mario Run Stickers app icon

The game itself is not yet available although you can now click on “Warn” to have the system notify you when it officially arrives. The release forecast is only for December this year.

Disney Stickers

The giant Disney has also brought several stickers of their productions for the App Store, each for $ 2. Check the list:

Disney Stickers: Frozen app icon

Disney Stickers app icon: Mickey

Disney Stickers: Stitch app icon

Disney Stickers: Finding Dory app icon

Beauty and the Beast Stickers app icon

Disney Stickers: Inside Out app icon

Disney Stickers app icon: The Lion King

Disney Stickers app icon: Zootropolis

Disney Stickers: Princess app icon

· · ·

And, of course, I need to highlight the “Star Wars” stickers (because, after all, “Star Wars”! 😍).

Star Wars Stickers app icon

Look how cool they were moving:

Various other adhesives

Others stickers of big names also arrived App Store, as:

PAC-MAN Moving Stickers app icon

Items of Power Stickers app icon

There are other stickers that are not available in the store itself as a separate torque, but within the app itself. Here are some of them:

Sorry, app not found.

Crossy Road app icon

PlayKids app icon - Series and Games

Monstermoji - Emoji Stickers app icon

O ChibiStudio (free, available after the release of iOS 10), a creation of Brazilians, allows us to invent stickers of cute characters in the “chibi” style of mangs. Check here (MP4) the demo video and see what you and your friends can do.

These stickers will join those made available by Apple itself in July. Even though they appeared on the App Store, it is still not possible to install them until the device is running iOS 10.

Apps & Games

Together with these stickers, the beta testers they have also discovered that Apple has released the entire store within iMessage. As you can see in the image below, several applications and also games already appear there.

IMessage App Store

, friends, it looks like a new version of the late MSN Messenger is about to arrive, this time on our iDevices 😝

(via MacStories, MacRumors)