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Interviews: Tim Cook Talks About Apple's “Uptime” Feature and Acquisitions

In today's Apple CEO, Tim cook, is concerned about the use of user information on the web. On other occasions, the executive has debated online privacy and advocated the creation of stricter laws that protect users, as we have commented a few times (1, 2, 3).

This, however, is not the only concern of the Cupertino giant's boss, who also worries about the time users "spend" using handsets, especially Apple devices.

In an interview for ABC NewsCook said Apple is working to enable users to be more aware of the time they are spending on their phones.

In this sense, the executive stated that the company "never intended that users use their iPhones a lot" and recalled the importance of the resource Use Time (Screen Time), which shows the amount of time users spend with their devices and may limit activity time on some apps (according to their category).

We make money if we can convince you to buy an iPhone but I don't want you to use the product too much. What we want to build are devices that enrich your life. Do something you couldn't do without it (the gadgets). That's what makes us excited.

The feature is also very useful for controlling the time spent by children with apps and browsing the internet. For Cook, it is ultimately up to parents to decide when and how much time their child is spending on a device.

What we are trying to do is give parents the controls. There is no standard for parenting, as we know. People have different views on what should be allowed or not.

In addition to the interview, ABC News produced a report (divided into five parts on YouTube) about the Time of Use feature and its effective use among users.


As we have said, Cook has always advocated stricter rules and laws that protect user data on the web; In the most recent interview, this was no different. According to the executive, one of the worst things there is espionage, but this is a problem that can still be fixed.

People who track you on the Internet know a lot more about you than if anyone is looking in your window. A lot more. Like we did other times, when we get together we can do what we can.

In this battle against espionage, Cook said Apple is an ally of users in protecting personal information, with the maxim: "You are our product."

Our products are iPhone and iPads. We value your data. We want to help you, keep you private, and keep you safe. We are on your side.

Company Acquisition

In addition to ABC NewsCook recently spoke with CNBC on another subject: Apple's procurement activities. During the interview, the executive said that Apple buys on average one company every two or three weeks.

If we have money left, we try to see what else we can do. We get everything we need that fits and has a strategic purpose for it. Thus, we acquire a company on average every two to three weeks.

Over the past six months, the executive said Apple has bought about 20 to 25 companies, and often does not disclose such deals because the companies are small. Although he did not go into more detail about acquisitions, Cook said Apple "is generally looking at new talent and intellectual property" with the purchase of these companies.

Among the companies absorbed by the Cupertino giant last semester that were “discovered”, we commented on Ma's growing interest in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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