Interview: Lisa Jackson Talks New iPhones and Environmental Design Choices

Interview: Lisa Jackson Talks New iPhones and Environmental Design Choices

Shortly after the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X announced at Apple's September event, responsible for Ma's environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson, talked about the manufacturing process of the new appliances at the VERGE conference, Greenbiz. Strangely, the interview video was published in October, but only now the Greenbiz talked about it, highlighting the device design choices for the environment.

As has been disclosed several times, Apple intends to use 100% recyclable materials in the production of its gadgets. According to Jackson, the company is moving towards this goal and, with the design of the new handsets, has managed to reduce the amount of carbon of aluminum used in the latest iPhones.

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Although both iPhones 8/8 Plus and X have all-glass backs, aluminum is still present in the handsets on their sides. By using a hydraulic foundry, Apple was able to reduce the amount of carbon (greenhouse gas emissions) of the iPhone 8 by 11% compared to the iPhone 7 and 83% compared to the iPhone 6.

The interviewer also asked about why Apple would leave the batteries stuck in the devices, citing the fact that this is harmful as it makes it difficult to change the battery. Jackson noted that, contrary to popular belief, battery is not the main reason for the repairs, and if there are problems, the company turns and moves exchange programs.

iPhone X taken apart by iFixit

In addition she stressed that if the user changes the battery itself, he is responsible for knowing what happens to the discarded component; however, if the exchange is made by Apple or authorized stores, this battery will be recycled.

Getting greener packaging from their products was also a hot topic, citing that compared to those used on the iPhone 7, those of the new models had a 50% reduction in carbon emissions. Packaging is also smaller and the company got help from two new suppliers committed to its clean energy supply program.

Among other things, Jackson also talked about the company's ongoing struggle to commit to providing 100% renewable energy in its supplier buildings and factories, and gave its opinion on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiatives. , in English) under the administration of the current president, Donald Trump.

The video of the interview, you can check it out in full to above. 😉

via AppleInsider