Internet in anonymous mode: do you know how to use it right? Take the Quiz and find out | Internet

Browsing anonymously or privately from browsers is a useful tool on the Internet. With the function, you get rid of download and cookie history, in addition to allowing better use of some sites. But the anonymous way is also linked to several myths, leading users to believe that it does more than reality. Test your knowledge of using the Internet privately and learn a little more about this function with our Quiz.

What do you know about using the Internet anonymously? Myths and truths

  1. Browsing privately keeps you completely anonymous

  2. Anonymous mode helps protect financial transactions

  3. Airfare by annimo mode can be cheaper

  4. Browser in anonymous mode does not store email and password used to login

  5. Search ads and logs disappear

  6. Annimo mode disables browser plugins

  7. With anonymous mode I can use two accounts from the same service at the same time