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Internet Explorer is losing the browser war

Microsoft Internet Explorer, which has dominated the web browser market since the war with Netscape in the late 1990s, fell below 50% of the market level for the first time in many years.

IE?s share of the world market fell to 49.87% in September, from 51.3% analyzed in August and 58.4% a year ago. It is followed by Firefox, which increased its share slightly from 30.09% to 31.5% and Google Chrome, which grabbed 11.54%, tripling its share since September 2009, according to the company StatCounter.

?This is certainly a milestone in the internet browser war,? said Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, in a statement. ?Two years ago, IE dominated the world market with 67% ?. In 2002, IE had around 90% and was marketed with the operating system, which ended up generating an antitrust lawsuit by the Department of Justice ?.

Image: Mashable