Internet Explorer 8 conquers 10% of the Portuguese market

The newly launched version 8 of browser Microsoft’s Internet service provider has already achieved a 10 percent share in the Portuguese market. The ranking that determines the percentage, released by the company, also shows that 43.1 percent of Portuguese Internet users use version 7 of Internet Explorer. Firefox (3.0) ranks second in the ranking, with a 28.62 percent market share.

Google’s Chrome (version 1.0) captures 2.96 percent of users and Firefox (2.0) 1.56 percent. Before these, IE 6 also stands out, which is still used by 7.85 percent of users. They are also listed in the information collected by the Stat Counter of Global Stats, the browser from Opera (9.6) and Safari (3.2), respectively with shares of 1.3 and 1.14 percent.

In global terms, Internet Explorer 8 is used by 7.23 percent of users and in Europe by 7.5 percent of those who surf the Internet, reveal the data obtained on 24 May.

Ranking Browsers

Today, Microsoft also announced a new localized version of browser optimized for education, aimed mainly at teachers and students. The version includes all new features standard and a set of specific parameters for the education area, which facilitate access to content in that area.