internet does not forgive blurred photo of Tim Cook [atualizado]

If there’s something Apple cares about in each generation of the iPhone’s camera. In all keynotes, executives insist on highlighting the improvements / news related to it, as well as many of the campaigns to publicize the device itself focus on its quality. But it seems that, on a daily basis, Apple executives like to «play against» all of this.

The first was Eddy Cue:


About a week after the presentation of the iPhone 6s, Cue released the tweet above that, of course, generated criticism. The iPhone 6s was the first Apple device that brought a major upgrade to the front camera (FaceTime), jumping from 1.2MP to 5MP and bringing several other improvements (such as front flash).

But due to the bad / blurry photo, many tried to question the quality of the device’s front camera before they had the possibility to put their hands up and perform their own tests.

Now it’s Tim Cook’s turn:

Tim Cook Tweet

Capture of the deleted tweet.

Cook was a football fan, and most likely benefited from the fact that Apple was one of the sponsors of the 50th edition of the Super Bowl, he had access to the field right after the Denver Broncos won. He then released the tweet above.

I don’t need to say anything about the photo, right? We know that the iPhone camera is not very good for taking pictures in low light environments. In fact this happens with several cameras, but some devices from other manufacturers already have a larger aperture (the Samsung Galaxy S6, for example, has a /1.9) than the Apple device (/2.2), which helps in this assignment.

In addition to being in a poorly lit environment, Cook was most likely walking / moving at the time of the photo, which greatly interfered with the result of the image. it is quite possible that he had a 6s, and not a 6s Plus, which has optical image stabilization, that does not mean, however, that the photo would come out ?perfect? with a 6s Plus.


Due to the joke, the user @andykoh_ was blocked by Cook.

In short: it was enough for the Apple CEO to drop the tweet to start jokes like the one above, which makes reference to the ?Clicked with iPhone 6s? campaign.

O The Verge came out in defense of Cook even mocking a Brazilian, playing with the fact that «nobody publishes bad photos on social networks». They are not without reason. The difference is that neither you nor I are ?spokespersons? for the company that sells the smartphone with the most widely used camera in the world.

Update · 02/09/2016 s 23:13

Probably tired of the games, Cook decided to delete the tweet concerned, as informed by the The Verge.

The truth is that Cook must not have ?revised? the photo before publishing due to the heat of the moment or he simply did not think that a badly taken photo would generate all this buzz. But, as I said, he is the CEO of Apple and (unfortunately) cannot afford that luxury.

Perhaps deleting the photo was also not the best strategy. At this point, I agree with the The Verge saying that he could let everything calm down on his own and even play with the episode in Apple’s next keynote (in which the company should present the ?iPhone 5se?).