Internet Archive Adds Over 2000 MS-DOS Games to Play in Browser

Site has received the largest gaming contribution to its library so far.

The Internet Archive has received an additional 2,000 MS-DOS games in its online library, most of them running in a browser. Internet Archive Adds Over 2000 MS-DOS Games to Play in Browser

The site is famous for its large amount of web pages, movies, audio, texts, educational materials and software that allow this distribution. The Internet Archive is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1996.

There you can find games like Amazing Spider-Man, The Lion King, Pac-Man, The Simpsons and Star Trek Pinball, running on Google Chrome / Chromium and Mozilla Firefox for example.

The announcement was made on the organization's blog by one of the people responsible for digital archiving, Jason Scott. MS-DOS games run thanks to the eXoDOS project, which is tasked with gathering thousands of titles from older games and thus running on modern systems today. This project uses two others, Dosbox and ScummVM for the magic to happen. Today the site has approximately 6,900 cataloged items.

To check out the MS-DOS game library, just visit this link.

The full post post, you can check it out here.

Very cool Scott's initiative to preserve the history of technology through this online archive. I myself missed many games and music that even made me go back in time.

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