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Internal components of the new iPad mini have all been modernized, confirms iFixit

Apple surprised and announced, just over two weeks ago, the fifth generation of the iPad mini (next to a new iPad Air) with Apple Pencil support. It arrives more than three years after the launch of the iPad mini 4, so it would be natural to expect good internal changes. And they really came.

As it did a few days ago with the new AirPods, the iFixit We already put our hands on this iPad mini to detail everything about your guts. Here are the highlights of teardown:

  • The model of this new iPad mini A2133.
  • The 19.32Wh battery, obviously smaller than the 9.7 inch (32.9Wh) iPad.
  • The front camera module (7 megapixels with aperture /2.2, a nice upgrade from the old 1.2 megapixel), ambient light sensors (True tone) and microphones have all been updated.
  • In addition to the A12 Bionic chip, there is 3GB of Samsung-made LPDDR4X RAM (up from 2GB), 64GB of Toshiba TSB3243VD1190CHNA1 flash memory, Apple 5.0 / Wi-Fi 802.11ac Apple / USI 339S00551, Broadcom BCM15900 touchscreen controller, NXP 1612A1 USB recharge controller, NXP 100VB27 NFC controller and others.
  • Even with so many internal changes, iFixit still sees the iPad mini as a miniaturized iPad while designing the new iPad Air based on the old 10.5-inch iPad Pro.


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IFixit gave a 2/10 grade of ?repairability? to this iPad mini, citing as negative points the difficulty of accessing its battery, the use of glues / stickers and the complicated change of Incio button with Touch ID.

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