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Interesting bet: Apple tablet could be called “Canvas”

Look again at the picture of the invitation distributed by Apple earlier this week:

company tradition to give tips on what we will see in the keynote in these images, and I already lost count of how many analyzes I read about this one, but nothing had made sense until I reached this post by John Gruber, from Daring Fireball. The idea did not come from him, however, but from Cabel M. Sasser, in a tweet published on Monday (1/18).

Your bet? The Apple tablet is called Canvas the Apple Canvas. In addition to providing an excellent sounding name (forget about “Apple iSlate”, for God's sake! :-P), “Canvas” it's all about the product and the invitation itself. In English, the word means canvas (for painting), that is, the workspace of artists. Want better tip?

If anything, the product might be called “iCanvas”, since registering the trademark “Canvas” shouldn't be very easy there. Honestly, I would bet all my chips on this one.