Interest in extra Apple Watch straps increases among consumers

Interest in extra Apple Watch straps increases among consumers

Another survey by Wristly check here the past revealed interesting data about users of the Apple Watch. This time, they show that the majority of respondents intend to buy a new original bracelet and that interest in third-party products is also growing.

Here are some questions asked and their results:

Which bracelet did you buy your Apple Watch with?

Apple Watch bracelet research

Undoubtedly the sports version is ahead, I believe that by making the watch cheaper and, on a daily basis, it will be the best option for sports practice (the others, in my opinion, can spoil more easily or even hurt depending on the sport practiced).

Which of the bracelets below do you have?

Apple Watch bracelet research

Fired the first choice of those who responded was the sports, which is available for the three models of Apple Watch (even the Edition has some confession that I found strange to pay so expensive in a watch with a sports bracelet, but we will not enter this discussion now ).

The survey reveals that three out of four chose to start with the version with the sports bracelet; 61% have a sports bracelet and 25% have two or more (I am in this last group).

The runner-up, with 11%, the Milan style bracelet, followed by the link bracelet (6%), leather (4%), classic clasp (3%) and modern clasp (1%). It is interesting to note that one of the most expensive bracelets (the link bracelet) is selling well.

Are you planning to purchase new bracelets for your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch bracelet research

Here are the results:

  • 19% do not intend;
  • 32% are unsure;
  • 15% will buy from Apple;
  • 10% will buy from third parties;
  • 8% more than one from Apple;
  • 10% more than one third party;
  • 13% more than one, combining between Apple and third parties.

It is interesting to see the number of people who intend to buy more bracelets, those who are not sure and those interested in third party products.

And here is a warning: very, very careful even with bracelets purchased on Chinese websites. Visually they are the same as Apple's, but I already had a bad experience with them because the fitting part does not have the same quality. So, evaluate the reviews on the sites you might be interested in buying out of the five I bought, only one served.

Now notice how interesting it is that it demonstrates people's satisfaction with their Apple Watches.

How difficult or easy would it be for you to stop using your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch bracelet research

85% of respondents would have difficulty giving up using the Apple Watch in a very high number! I confess that the very few times that I actually needed to be without mine or perhaps I forgot it at home make me believe that the research is correct.

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And you, do you already have your Apple Watch? If so, which part of the research do you fall into? See below my options (for now) of bracelets.

My Apple Watch Bands

Usually I end up using more of the sports bracelet (the most common black), but I try to match the varieties of cases I have.