Interactive map lists all Apple vendors

In early 2012, wanting to be increasingly transparent, Apple published for the first time a complete list of all its suppliers.

A year later, the company updated this list and showed us, for example, that the Quanta Computer plant in Fremont (California) will be responsible for producing Macs in the United States.

Map with Apple vendors

Click and see the interactive map.

Using this information, the ChinaFile built an interactive map which shows suppliers around the world.

Esto l Brazil (Foxconn), Australia (Arvato Digital), Costa Rica (Intel), Puerto Rico (Henkel Ag & Co.), in addition to 5 other partners in Israel, 41 in Europe, 82 in the USA and 660 in Asia, with 331 are in mainland China.

For more details (like the full list of suppliers), be sure to check out the interactive map in full screen.

(via TUAW)