interactive gallery, Outdoor Edition, drop in the value of out-of-warranty services and more

Apple Watch: interactive gallery, Outdoor Edition, drop in the value of out-of-warranty services and more

As we know, the last special event from Apple brought some news to the Apple smartwatch line.

The most significant, as we have already informed here in , were the reduction in the price of the Apple Watch Sport and the launch of new bracelets.

But that doesn?t mean they were the only ones.

Check out some more below:


Currently the line has 3 models of watches (Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition), 2 sizes (38mm and 42mm), 8 colors of cases (aluminum, stainless steel and gold), 55 different model options / colors of bracelets without counting the Apple Watch Herms, a special edition of the watch.

Anyway, something that never ends!

Apple Watch Gallery

To make things easier for us, users, Apple has created a gallery in which we can combine (almost) all the boxes, bracelets and dials to see if that model you want really suits you.

It is worth taking a walk through the gallery.

Apple Watch Edition

Few must have noticed, but whoever bothered to browse the Apple Watch page on the Apple website and even take a look at the online store, realized that the Apple Watch Edition practically disappeared, having little prominence compared to the others.

Even in the interactive gallery we mentioned above, there is absolutely nothing about the Edition model (neither the boxes nor the bracelets).

The only clear reference to the watch is this banner (below) that we see in the online store.

Apple Watch Edition banner

To complete, apparently Apple decided to remove the model from the display tables of several Apple Retail Stores.

Not to mention that he was the only model who did not see news at the last event.

The most plausible scenario to explain this is that the Apple Watch Edition is probably not selling as the company imagined, and so it decided to stop advertising it in a way equivalent to other models.

But how curious,.

Out-of-warranty repair

Following the drop in the price of the Sport model, Apple also lowered the price of the service outside the watch’s warranty.

If your Apple Watch Sport has a problem after the warranty expires, you could pay $ 229 to have the repair done; this figure has now dropped to $ 199.

In Brazil, the values ??are as follows:

Out of Warranty Service Price List for Apple Watch

It is worth noting that not all watches are eligible for repair depending on their condition, Apple may, yes, deny assistance.

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