Intel's Z68 chipset will bring SSD caching to desktops – see why it's interesting

Intel Z68 ChipsetAlthough rumors about MacBooks Pro with combinations of SSD and HDD have not materialized, the marriage of these two technologies remains a dream with the best of both worlds: the speed of solid state memories with the price of magnetic disks.

Intel intends to do so, according to the Hardmac, through the Z68 chipset, which should bring advanced features to desktops as overclocked, support for discrete graphics hardware and the implementation of SSD caching.

This last feature is what tastes better: through a special controller, the chipset would be able to make a solid state drive and a common hard disk recognized as a single volume, in which data frequently accessed by the user would remain on the SSD, allowing thus the impressive speed gains that made this technology famous.

The Z68 chipsets are expected to hit the market in May, which could eliminate the possibility of seeing something like that implemented in iMacs / Macs Pro or, since Intel and Apple are best friends forever, Ma's new desktops could arrive just with these chipsets and hybrid storage solutions. It doesn't hurt to dream.

(via MacRumors)