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Intel’s next integrated graphics chips will bring up to triple performance

If you have / had a Mac equipped with Core 2 Duo or earlier processors, you probably suffered from Intel’s integrated graphics. Graphics performance was never her forte and everything was pretty bad before the arrival of the Ivy Bridge line, which has integrated HD 4000 graphics chips.

But with the future generation of processors (Haswell), Intel intends to change that once and for all.

Intel graphics performance

It will provide two different integrated graphics: one that will accompany processors for ultrabooks (Iris Graphics 5100) and the other for notebooks and desktops more robust (Iris Pro Graphics 5200). According to Intel, the performance of the Iris Graphics 5100 will be double the current found in ultrabooks, while for the Iris Pro Graphics 5200, the triple! Both have support for OpenCL, DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.1, three simultaneous displays and 4K resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels). This means that, if Apple wants, the Retina display can spread to all lines of Macs, reaching the MacBook Air, iMac and Thunderbolt Display.

Taking into account Intel’s new graphics and plans for 24-hour battery life with these Haswell processors, this future generation of chips – and Macs – promises!

[via Gizmodo]