Intel's new processor lineup includes the fastest chip ever made for laptops - which could equip future MacBooks Pro

Intel's new processor lineup includes the fastest chip ever made for laptops – which could equip future MacBooks Pro

It is unlikely that timing has to do with the little bomb thrown yesterday by Bloombergbut the fact that Intel It's moving to introduce your new line of processors and bring news that, unless in the short term, should get the Mac closer to you. The giant today unveiled a new group of eighth generation processor chips for laptops, including a new and very appetizing Core i9 first in the portable series.

If you're confused by this blessed eighth generation from Intel and wondering why we've already covered such a generation of processors for over a half year, it's perfectly understandable: the company's chip line is in a very complex transition phase. , with several architectures and small variations permeating the different models and series.

The fact that these new processors introduced today bring the architecture “Coffee Lake”, still based on the manufacturing process of 14 nanometersbut more modern than the standard “Kaby Lake” previous, which equips most Macs currently sell. The new chips can play 41% more frames per second in games or edit 4K video 59% faster than the previous generation with a discrete graphics chip, according to the manufacturer.

The big star of the show the new Core i9-8950HK, first i9 series chip available for laptops, which has 6 cores and 12 threads with clockbased on 2.9GHz and Turbo boost 4.9GHz is all responsible for creating, according to Intel, the most powerful laptop processor of all time.

The chip too Supports up to 32GB RAMwhich (assuming it comes to some MacBook eventually) would mean the end of frequent MacBook Pro owners' complaints about the maximum 16GB of memory. What about? 😉

New 8th Generation Intel Processors

The new group also features two new Core i5 models, two Core i7 models and two Xeon series, which is dedicated to servers and the professional market as you can see in the table above. For less sturdy machines, we also have four more “modest” chips, two from the i5 series and two from the i7:

New 8th Generation Intel Processors

We don't know, of course, which of these chips will make it to Macs, but wouldn't it be bad to see a MacBook Pro with this new Core i9, really? We can only dream

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