Intel's new chipset enables uncompressed 8K video transmission; company announces first AMD graphics CPUs

THE Intel has also entered the wave of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 and announced some of the news that it will show from today at the world's largest electronics and technology fair in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA).

Perhaps the most interesting news from the world's largest processor company is the “Titan Ridge”, a new chipset to power certain future company CPUs that significantly expands the connection possibilities of the machines on which they will be equipped. More precisely, the Thunderbolt 3 interface will make a nice leap when the new chipset begins to be implemented.

Why? Well, for starters, “Titan Ridge” features interface support DisplayPort 1.4, against verse 1.2 brought by the current "Alpine Ridge"; This will allow you to connect your (future) computer to an 8K external monitor and display uncompressed images at 30Hz and you can increase this rate to 60Hz, but with image compression enabled.

As the interface bandwidth continues at 40Gbps, however, you will still not be able to connect your computer to two 5K monitors simultaneously. It is also worth noting that only computers with discrete GPUs will enjoy these novelties; machines with integrated graphics cards will remain attached to interface version 1.2.

Another version of the chipset is designed for peripherals and also brings the same compatibility as CPU models. One of the benefits of “Titan Ridge” in accessories such as external storage solutions is the ability to connect the equipment to a computer via a USB-C port ( other than Thunderbolt 3) and be able to work at the slower speeds offered by this interface; With Alpine Ridge chipsets, such a connection would never be possible.

No information has yet been released regarding the price or availability of the chipset; We know that neither of Apple's computers at the moment nor the brand new iMac Pro comes equipped with it. Maybe in the near future?

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Speaking of Intel, the company also announced the day before yesterday the first processor models with integrated graphics solutions from Intel. OMG, as we have covered in this article.

Eighth generation Core processors with Radeon Vega GPUs are divided by Intel chip rating (i5 and i7) and also by the type of graphics card incorporated into each of them (RX Vega M GL, intermediate option, and RX Vega M GH, more robust). Thus, the list of early processors with embedded AMD technology is as follows:

Eighth Generation of Intel Core Processors with AMD Graphics Solutions

The new processors will start to appear in the computer world releases and will also be available for sale later this quarter, for undisclosed prices.

via AppleInsider, The Next Web