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Intel works in new store for its Clear Linux Project distro

Do you know the Linux distribution from Intel? Looks like news, like a new store, is on its way.

Intel is also responsible for a Linux distro, the Clear Linux Project, and it appears that its development is going beyond performance tweaks And a new store is on its way. Considering all the history of Clear Linux and its benchmark results, we can expect very high quality software. intel-clear-linux-project-distro-open-source-system-developer-continer THE Clear Linux Project an operating system developed by Intel and based on Linux. In order to be a safe, customizable, efficient and performance alternative, its goal is to attract developers and take advantage of its features and inclination to continents. However, it does not mean that only developers They are becoming interested in the distribution, over the years the system has been adding applications to their repositories, which do not necessarily fit this target audience.

In July of this year we announced that Lutris was available in the Clear Linux Project repositoriesEven though it was geared toward developers, cloud computing, IoT, and development in general, it was delivered as an alternative to the desktop. Of course, programs aimed at leisure or less technical uses would be available to their users, with Steam and Lutris being examples. Another important point is its focus on the Intel ecosystem. It's not uncommon to see comparative arrays in games, and the Clear Linux Project is at the top of the test. The system thoroughly optimized for Intel processors like its future dedicated GPUs.

What's New in Clear Linux

Your development team is working on a number of system enhancements, ranging from internal adjustments to more user-friendly implementations:

  • Linux Kernel Usage 5.4 (in its final version);
  • Replacing Python 2 with Python 3;
  • Possible implementation of the Clang 9 LLVM compiler;
  • Development of a new store, alternative to current GNOME Software;
  • Enhancements to its installer, supporting Logical Volume Manager (LVM), non-EFI (BIOS legacy) system installation improvements, performance optimizations, and more.

Below you can see the channel considerations Sir Rob Linux Australia, when it tested Clear Linux in May this year.

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