Intel believes it will have opportunities in future iPad versions

Intel will launch new “Arrandale” chips for laptops in early January

Intel chipA few weeks ago, we talked about models for ultraportables. Today the Fudzilla released information about Intel's new “Arrandale” line for laptops like MacBooks and MacBooks Pro, which also use the Core i5 and Core i7 nomenclatures.

The manufacturer has plans to launch them on January 3, two days before the start of CES 2010. It seems that we are talking about three models:

  • Core i5 520M: with two cores and four threads, run at 2.4GHz, support the Turbo Mode (more performance) and have 3MB of L2 cache. The estimated cost of $ 225.
  • Core i5 540M: identical to the previous one, but with clock 2.53GHz. Exit for $ 257.
  • Core i7 620M: this one has more cache than the previous ones (4MB) and operates on a base frequency of 2.66GHz. The estimated price is US $ 332.

NOTE: all costs are based on lots of 1,000 chips.

Intel's “Arrandale” processors are an evolution of the “Nehalem”, incorporated by Apple on desktop Macs earlier this year. Compared to the current Core 2 Duo found on MacBooks Pro, they are expected to deliver huge performance gains.

The difference of these models in relation to the others, that we commented recently, is that its TDP (acronym in English that means Thermal Power Project) relatively high, reaching 35W. Therefore, such chips could never be placed inside a MacBook Air, for example, due to their reduced thickness.