Intel will hold a special event today to present Thunderbolt technology, integrated with the new MacBooks Pro

Image with Thunderbolt door logoAhead of the launch of the new MacBooks Pro, Intel is due to announce today its new Thunderbolt technology, for high-speed data transmission between computers and peripherals.

Known in the past by the name "Light Peak", it should only be called by the new name from today onwards, since the brand is already registered in its possession.

As we said yesterday in the leak of the images of the new connector, it was actually proposed with the format of a common USB, but the forum of implementers of this technology prevented it from being used for general proposals that go beyond the connection of USB peripherals.

Such an initiative can hinder the rapid adoption of the Thunderbolt port in other products by users, as accessories in general are not usually plugged into Mini DisplayPort connectors.

Anyway, one thing is known: this new door works miracles.

Preliminary tests of it done with test machines running Mac OS X in 2009 showed transfer rates absurdly higher than even the standard USB 3.0, which was not even widespread in the industry.

Apple has been heavily involved in the project since the time it was unveiled in September 2009.