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Intel wants HD videos on handhelds

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Intel is working on developing integrated chips that make handhelds capable of turning videos in FullHD (high definition). However, according to engineer Shechar Borkar, it may still take five to eight years for them to be available on the market.

The main obstacle faced by engineers at the moment is the need to be able to reduce the energy leakage at the same time that the graphics performance of the chips is increased. After resolving this, Intel can more easily bring richer multimedia content to smartphones and other notebooks.

To achieve its objective, the technique called SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) is being used. Intel, which has already used this technique in conjunction with MMX extensions, when it introduced the Pentium processor in the 1990s, knows that it allows the chip to handle video processing better.

New information regarding the development of this project should be presented at the International Solid State Circuits Conference, which takes place in San Francisco. When finished, the new chips can deliver eight times more efficient performance and should be integrated into the Atom family.

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