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Intel technology used to fly 420 drones during Coachella festival

The technology of drones Intel Shooting Star was used to make a surprise during the electronic duo's concert Odesza at the festival of Coachella. In total, 420 gadget units came together to recreate the geometric logo of the set.

Despite the large amount of drones, this was not Intel's absolute record in terms of unmanned aircraft flying together. At the time, there were over 1,200 gadgets flying over the shores of the county of PyeongChang during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The drones are lightweight and have LEDs capable of emitting up to 4 billion different colors. Made for entertainment purposes, gadgets can all be controlled by just one pilot using software developed by Intel.

The manufacturer's main vision for the technology is that it can be used to replace fireworks. " the essence of technology finding art"explains Anil Nanduri, General Manager of Intel Drone Group.

Via: Drone DJ. [TagsToTranslate] odesza