Apple may be interested in soon adopting the USB 3.0 standard

Intel support for USB 3.0 may be postponed to 2011

A new rumor suggests that Intel would be postponing the inclusion of support for the USB 3.0 standard in computer chipsets and motherboards, something that will not happen before 2011. A “big PC manufacturer” claims that it is more focused on expanding the market support your current platform Nehalem (which finally arrived at the iMac) and completing pending transitions that already exist, but waiting longer for something that can (and needs) to be implemented now will not be good for the market.

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The new USB standard is very important for a huge variety of products, as it reaches very high speeds (up to 5 gigabits per second) and is compatible with any device of the current generation. In order to propagate in the market, it is essential that Intel also supports it, although the speculation of postponement has not yet been confirmed by it.

Meanwhile, the recently announced Light Peak technology, which can compete in the market with USB, already promises transfer speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, and is promised for 2010. However, the domain that the universal standard has established in recent years ten years make it difficult to grow; therefore, it would be good to have your version 3.0 on computers as fast as possible.

(via Electronist)