Intel says Qualcomm forced its exit from 5G modem market

Apple's war against Qualcomm in courts around the world is over, but that does not mean that she has left no reflexes. THE Intel, for example, had its division of 5G modems It was acquired by Ma after the settlement of accounts between the two companies, which led to speculation that Intel's abandonment of the boat had to do with this unfolding of the case.

Intel, for its part, seems unhappy about how things happened at least Reuters. In a recent statement given 9 US Court of Appeals, the chip giant stated that its exit from the 5G modem market was basically out of Qualcomm, which, through monopolistic practices and competitive prejudice, made it impossible for Intel to stay in the game.

The statements came as part of a testimony from Intel executives, who were summoned to court as prosecution witnesses. At the moment, Qualcomm is trying to reverse a decision of American justice, which determined the illegality of some of the company's monopolistic practices.

Intel classified this as follows:

We invested billions, hired thousands, bought two companies, and built very high-end products that eventually were included in segment-leading products, such as the iPhone including the latest model, the iPhone 11. [] But in the end Intel failed to overcome the artificial and insurmountable barriers to fair competition created by the Qualcomm scheme, and was forced to leave the market this year.

Apple, of course, eventually benefited from this whole mess and acquired Intel's 5G chip division for a relatively low price. The Ma, however, did not comment on the subject we will have to wait to see the next developments of this case.

via iDownloadBlog | image: James Mattil / Shutterstock