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Intel says its 5G modem will not hit the market until 2020

In recent weeks, we have been following the launch of several devices compatible with the next generation of mobile networks, 5G. Among the manufacturers that have already advanced and deployed the technologies in their latest handsets are Samsung (1, 2), Huawei and LG.

Last December, we covered that Apple should wait until 2020 to deploy 5G on iPhones, and now the modem maker of the gadget from Ma, the Intel, announced that this, in fact, the plan, as reported by Reuters.

During an event in Palo Alto (California), Intel's vice president of business, Sandra Rivera, said the manufacturer's 5G chips will be shipped to customers later this year, but the company does not expect them to be used in consumer products until next year.

This was the first time Intel has revealed the development of its 5G modem. While not going into detail, just confirming that this technology will be available later this year indicates that the vendor was able to resolve any internal issues it had faced last July when it suspended development of this chip.

Of the two, one: or Apple abandoning the Antique Project plans (which aims to look for a second vendor, such as MediaTek or even Samsung, for 5G chip production), reducing its reliance on Intel; Or she'll keep everything the way it is as she prepares to launch her own modems that will equip iPhones and iPads in the not too distant future.

Still according to Reuters, the CEO of Intel, Bob swan, said the company does not plan to monetize technology patents on the company's 5G modems unlike Qualcomm, which is embroiled in a major legal war with Apple for just that reason.

Our model relative to other California companies is completely different. Ours is not a licensing based model.

So far, it may be that much (or not) changes in the relationship between Apple and Qualcomm, not to mention the possibility that Apple's proprietary modems will be ready sooner than expected.

via 9to5Mac