Intel struggles to maintain demand for new notebook processors

Intel plans to launch three Core i5 and i7 processors for ultraportables

Intel Core i5 and i7

Three new 32 nanometer based ultraportable processors will be launched by Intel in early 2010, as reported by DigiTimes. The company's new offerings will replace the 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo, which it keeps available for machines such as Apple's MacBook Air, one of which will be Core i5 (1.06GHz), while the other two will be Core i7 (with speeds of 1.06GHz and 1.2GHz).

In the second case, theHyperthreading the new models give them the behavior of processors with four cores, which would be evident among ultra-thin notebooks with thermal and energy consumption limitations. The prices for the three chips range from US $ 241 (for the 1.06GHz Core i5) to US $ 278 (for the 1.06GHz Core i7) and US $ 305 (for the 1.2GHz Core i7).

After that, I see other launches for notebook computers in the middle of next year, according to rumors. Two of them will be to meet demand for medium-sized machines, and several based on existing platforms will be aimed at low-cost computers, including Core 2 Duo chips.

(via Engadget)