Intel investigates iPhone / iPod touch sync issue with its P55 chipset

Intel P55 chipset prevents syncing iPhones / iPods touch on Windows 7

Before anyone starts marching with sticks and torches towards Redmond, I'll make it clear: Microsoft is innocent this time! Now that this is clear, let's get to the point: when trying to sync their iPhones / iPods touch via iTunes 9, PC owners equipped with the Intel P55 chipset are being greeted by an unfriendly error 0xE8000065 a communication failure between the computer and The device. As this is still a relatively rare component, few users are being affected and you are hardly one of them, then on the topic.

The fault of the chipset in question was raised because, using a USB type PCI card, which bypasses the P55 controllers, some users are able to synchronize perfectly. However, testing more possibilities, other people also worked around the problem by deleting the iPodDevices.xml file located in C: AppData Local Apple Computer iTunes, disabling Bonjour _or_ digging the BIOS to turn on C-state capability.

Among the PC manufacturers affected by the problem are Micro-Star International (MSI), Gigabyte and Asustek. But soon Apple will be able to join that same list, since the iMacs with Core i5 / i7 processors, promised for this month, when using the same tricky chipset we will know if the problem is really restricted to Windows 7. Intel and Microsoft are already investigating the causes of the anomaly; Ma, as usual, said nothing, despite the fact that the issue has been in her support forum for weeks.

(via The Register; image: Engadget)