Intel officializes the availability of new 32 nanometer processors at CES 2010

Intel officializes the availability of new 32 nanometer processors at CES 2010

As planned, Intel today announced the availability of its new line of processors for 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), highlighting the new Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 developed in its 32-nanometer manufacturing process. The new products were the target of a series of rumors in the weeks leading up to the event, but are now officially available for purchase on the market.

In total, Intel invested $ 7 billion in the new manufacturing process used to produce these chips on a large scale, adding to commercial processors a series of technologies that in 2009 were restricted to the most advanced desktops andworkstations. With the exception of Core i3 chips, all the company's new processors feature the technology Turbo Boost to speed up your operation on certain tasks, in addition to the most advanced Hyper Threading for parallel processing.

For the Apple mobile line, the Core i5 processor (codename Arrandale), which already offers a major performance boost over the Core 2 Duo currently used in MacBooks and some desktop Macs. Performance tests carried out by some websites suggested that the Core i5's performance may exceed up to 62% that of the Core 2 Duo (disregarding the use of its integrated graphics hardware), but there are still some complications in terms of energy consumption.

Even today (at 10:30 pm, for the time in Braslia), Intel CEO Paul Otellini will present a keynote at CES following the announcements from earlier. However, tech columnists at the event have already questioned executives at the manufacturer about when these chips will appear on Apple laptops and have received no response on the matter.

(via MacRumors)