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Intel may provide special versions of its new processors for future MacBooks Pro

The website SemiAccurate stated (closed matter for subscribers) that Intel will provide Apple high-performance versions of Haswell family processors for the next generation of MacBooks Pro. According to them, the chips will bring a special version of the integrated GPU Iris Pro 5200. Furthermore, they say that, for technical reasons (?), No other manufacturer will receive these high-performance processors that will be supplied to Ma.

MacBook Pro Retina

If this is really going to happen we will only know when the new MBPs arrive on the market the rumors point to October. However, the news / rumor makes a lot of sense.

In MacBooks Air (read our review of the new machine here), we saw that the performance gains (processing) were not there for two simple reasons: in this release, Intel's focus was on energy efficiency and improvements in integrated graphics. shared by Apple, since the MBA was not designed to be a "tough" machine, but the most "domestic" model. Thus, the company was able to deliver a battery that lasts up to 12 hours, something incredible.

On the other hand, MBPs * necessarily * need more power, since the target audience of these computers aims to do just that. So while energy efficiency is also welcome, the focus should really be on processing power, more powerful graphics, etc. If Apple can do this by maintaining / increasing the battery life of Retina MBPs (today around 7 hours of use), be a great advance see here a supposed benchmark of these machines not yet launched.

As for the "normal" MacBooks (without Retina display and with optical drive) well, these may not even get an update. No one knows for sure Apple's plans for them.

(via MacRumors)