Intel may postpone Nehalem-based mobile line to October

If the update to Intel's timeline is supported by DigiTimes is true, we’ll only see CPUs from Intel’s new mobile line between late September and early October. CodenamedClarksfield, the new family of chips based on the same architecture quad-core of the Xeon Nehalem used in Mac Pro 2009 don't expect the same performance, of course.

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No reasons were given for the postponement, but it is estimated that the thermal envelope of processors based on this architecture will hinder their adoption. Apparently, the new family will carry the Core i7 brand and will initially be composed of three models with speeds of 1.6GHz, 1.73GHz and 2GHz, respectively.

Although the speeds are lower than the 3.06GHz found today in the top of the line Core 2 Duo MacBooks Pro, the chips will enter the market consuming 45W, which already compromises its use in notebooks of more modest dimensions. The strange thing is that none of them overlook the benefits that Intel has brought this year to increase the performance and energy efficiency of their chips, such as the use of an integrated memory controller and support for Hyperthreading.

The postponement to October coincides with the first year of launch of the new notebooksunibody from Apple. Even though the new processor family quad-core yet not suitable for use on any notebook in the case of Apple, only its 15 and 17 inch models would fit, I believe, it is a strong candidate for use in iMacs.

(Via: Engadget.)

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