Intel Accelerates Launch of New Processor Architecture for PC Manufacturers

Intel launches two new "unlocked" processors for desktops and prepares six more for notebooks

Intel added two new processors to its desktop product line, one Core i5 and the other Core i7. Their differential in relation to the existing models is that they are unlocked, that is, they were designed to offer much higher speeds when used with a cooling system suitable to support them.

With the new Core i5-655K (dual-core, 3.2GHz) and i7-875K (quad-core, 2.93GHz), it is possible to achieve considerable performance gains using the same technologies from Intel that are present in the other models, but they can also overcome the 3.8GHz barrier by means of overclocking. Although this is not something we can expect from all conventional PC manufacturers, anyone who creates custom configurations for games or other tasks is likely to be interested in these new models.

In the past, Apple has used "overclocked" chips in iMacs, so there is a tendency for Apple to consider using the two new processors when they become more affordable for purchase. At the moment, a lot of them does not come out for less than US $ 1,000 / unit, but the trend is that this value will decrease with time.

As for new Core i7 chips for MacBooks Pro, one roadmap Intel's discovered this weekend unveiled six new models that will be available from the fourth quarter of this year and could be used by Apple in an update for its professional notebooks. The highlight among the processors discovered a 2.8GHz CPU, which would give rise to a new high-end model of the 17-inch MacBook Pro.