Intel Launches Sandy Bridge Processor Line

After a long wait, Intel finally released the first official details of its new generation of Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, known by the codename Sandy Bridge.

Using a 32nm architecture, for the first time these chips bring the processor, memory controller and graphics in the same set, which results in a smaller and more efficient design.

Intel Sandy Bridge

Graphics are an especially important issue for Mac owners with an eye on Apple's upcoming updates: while not yet at the level of dedicated GPUs, Intel's integrated solution now provides performance up to twice as high as in the past.

In addition, the performance of the CPU as a whole has been improved (60% higher on chips quad-core) and allows energy savings with solutions like completely turning off an optical drive when it is not in use.

Intel Sandy Bridge

New technologies being promoted include Intel Quick Sync Video, to speed up video conversion, Intel InTru 3D and Clear Video HD, to display 3D Blu-rays using HDMI 1.4 cables.

More technical details can be seen in the review made by AnandTech information that never ends!

The processor family Sandy Bridge be composed of a total of 29 models, the Core i7 with four cores being the first to reach the market.

Verses dual-core should appear next month, while low consumption chips (aimed at ultraportable computers) will be available in the second half.

The presence of these processors on Macs, of course, will depend on Apple's announcements for this year.

In view of the problems existing between Intel and NVIDIA, it is difficult to imagine what would be the strategy of Ma to update its computers without losing graphic performance, something that has been very highlighted in the last generations of laptops of the company.

(via Engadget)