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Intel Launches 9th Generation H-Series Core Processors, Up to 5GHz

Intel may have given back on the development of 5G modems, but the main business of giant processors is still in full swing. Today, the company announced the Ninth Generation Core i5, i7, and i9 H Series Chips, which is used to designate high performance processors for portable computers.

Just as a reminder, the previous generation of these processors, the eighth, that currently equips the latest models of MacBooks Pro. That is, it is quite possible that we will see Apple adopting these new Intel creations in a future generation of machines that of course if the transition to Cupertino-developed ARM chips does not arrive very quickly.

Regarding the processors themselves, we have six new models, all of them still in the old 14-nanometer architecture of the chips of the generation. Ice LakeAfter all, they have already been introduced, but are still a little distant from the launch.

The most notable of the new group are the two i9 processors: the most powerful of them can reach, when unlocked, the 5GHz number indicated by Intel for chips intended for portable machines.

Notably, too, the fact that all new line processors have TDP (thermal design power, or design thermal energy) 45, which means they can be used on thinner machines like MacBooks Pro where heat dissipation is not as effective. They also support the new Wi-Fi 6 AX200 protocol, which has up to 75% latency reduction.

The table below details the technical specifications of each processor:

New Intel Core N Series H Processors

According to Intel, the new chips are ideal for professional users and content creators, with particular aptitude for 4K video editing and transcoding; Compared to a three-year machine, next-generation processors can deliver up to 33% better overall performance, with 28% increased responsiveness. Chips also do very well with games although this is probably not your focus if you're in the Mac world.

ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, HP and Acer are some of the manufacturers that have already confirmed the adoption of new processors in their future machines; Like the availability of immediate parts, notebooks equipped with the ninth generation of chips may already emerge from the next month.

Apple, of course, was silent, and would probably stay that way until a future MacBook Pro update. But that would be an interesting update, wouldn't it?

via CNET