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Intel: Ivy Bridge dual-core processors will arrive only in the middle of the year

If you’re waiting for a new MacBook Air, you can wait while sitting. During the presentation of the company’s latest financial results – it grossed $ 12.9 billion, with profits of $ 2.7 billion (or $ 0.53 per diluted share) -, the company’s CEO, Paul Otellini, confirmed the news of that new processors dual-core they will arrive only in the middle of the year.

The first versions of the Ivy Bridge that are coming are quad-core. “The second product launch will be dual-core, which will mainly equip notebooks.

MacBooks Air with Ivy Bridge

As we said, the first chips from the new family will hit the market next Monday, April 23rd. Such processors will be able to equip iMacs and MacBooks Pro – probably the Mac lines which will be updated in the first half. However, an update to the Air line will only be possible from June, when the specific chips for machines with these characteristics will land.

We recently commented that the Ivy Bridge line has support for possible Retinas screens, and that they also bring beautiful gains in graphic performance.

[via CNET News]