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Intel introduces new generation of Atom and Moblin 2.0 chipsets, operating system for netbooks

In practical terms, the CPU is much more efficient than its predecessor. The new manufacturing process allowed its manufacturer to integrate the memory controller with the graphics chipset on the processor itself, which guarantees greater performance – since it increases the transported bandwidth and decreases the physical space necessary for this – and less energy consumption , in addition to making it cheaper for computer manufacturers.

PineView chip architecture

Without any change in size or thermal envelope, any netbook currently sold on the market can receive this new Atom chip to become faster and more economical. It is so cool that this is Intel's version, but having more computing power on machines so small and cheaper can be a good way to popularize them even more and keep sales in the computer market stable.

Although Intel has created a processor capable of providing graphics and memory control, it still depends on an extra branch, the I / O hub, enhanced in this new generation with a slight improvement in its manufacturing process. This means that a standard Atom no longer needs three chips, but it will still require an extra one to control the input and output of the system, something that may change with Intel's technological advancement in the future.

An issue related to this is the current judicial war between Intel and NVIDIA, which has not yet brought us negative results, but which makes the competition of the two companies more fierce for low-cost computers. With the launch of the new generation of Atom chips, we can highlight a cost advantage of this with the Ion platform – which came to be corroborated for launch on a Mac mini, without considering that both serve equivalent systems. However, NVIDIA's solution is far more powerful: it doesn't just have an Atom dual-core, as well as integrating the GeForce 9400M for graphics. In a cost / benefit ratio, there is nothing to prevent a greater share of manufacturers still prefer Ion for netbooks in the current economic situation, but we will see how Intel's novelty will perform in the market in the future.

Another important novelty that is directly linked in this matter of netbooks was the release of version 2.0 of Moblin, Intel's operating system for netbooks. Based on Linux, it arrives on the market optimized for Atom chips and has a user interface specially adapted for the screens of these ultraportables that are spread on the market.

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This is by far a system made for home consumers, who search for various subjects and communication via the web. His browser is reminiscent of Google Chrome, showing that Intel has invested in several open source projects, making this system not just software open source, but also an environment capable of running many applications on Linux, without any type of compatibility mode.

The great thing about Moblin is that it is an operating system capable of communicating in complete harmony with netbooks, in the same way as Mac OS X for Macs. Anyone who wants to know the project and work on applications aimed especially at it can check out more information on its official website.