Intel introduces new 10th-generation desktop chips – some of which could equip future iMacs

Earlier this month, we talked about new tenth generation processors announced by Intel – those chips, however, were intended for laptops (and some of them may even reach a future MacBook Pro). Today, the giant has made a new announcement, this time focused on processors for desktops.

The new chips are from the family β€œComet Lake”, which is from the tenth generation but still features 14 nanometer architecture – the family β€œIce Lake”, more advanced, is also the tenth generation, but already has a 10nm architecture.

In total, the announcement brings no less than 32 (!) New chips among families Core i9, i7, i5, i3, Pentium and Celeron. Some of them, especially on the i5 and i7 lines, may be good candidates for processors for a future update of the iMac (which is something that has been circulating Apple rumors for some time, by the way).

Among the processors announced today, the β€œapple of the eye” responds by the name of Core i9-10900K. It is a chip focused on the public gamer, with 10 cores (20 threads) and base frequency of 3.7 GHz – reaching up to 4.8 GHz with the technology Turbo Boost 3.0, which identifies the fastest processor cores to intensify their activity (the feature is available on several of the more powerful chips in the new line, it’s worth noting).

For anyone looking for details on each of the new 32 processors, the AnandTech kindly summarized the characteristics of all of them:

Other features brought by the new Intel processors include support for Wi-Fi 6 and connections 2.5G Ethernet. The chips will start shipping to manufacturers and retailers as early as next month – and, for us, the expectation of adoption by Apple is in its future all-in-one computer.

via MacRumors