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Intel Introduces Core-U and Core-Y Processors for 2-in-1 Laptops

THE Intel brought two new lines of high efficiency processors to 2 in 1 notebooks those convertible type that can be used as tablet too. CPU lines Choree and Core-Y 8th generation not only feature new features in their list of specifications but also deliver on the promise of more portable handsets.

According to Intel, the lowest performance line (Core-Y) allows the creation of laptops less than 7mm thick and weighing less than 500g. In addition, they have LTE connection (the famous 4G) and support for Yes it is That's like a carrier chip, just not removable.

This means that by hiring a prepaid or postpaid data plan, you can have internet access from anywhere with your notebook. In addition, Intel promises improvements in interactions with the touchscreen, whether using the fingers or the stylus of the handsets.

Another big news for the 2018 line is that for the first time in the Core-U series history, Intel's economical mobile processors bring Gigabit Wi-Fi integrated. This is a much higher speed than virtually any user has available, but it also means that the device will handle any connection it finds.

"New members of the 8th Generation Intel Core processor family once again reinforce our leadership in delivering exceptional performance. Gigabit Wi-Fi enables greater PC connectivity, more intuitive voice experiences and superior battery life, essential new wave mobile computing "– Chris Walker, General Manager of Intel Mobility Platform.

Line processors also come with connection 802.11ac Wi-Fi, enabling lower latency for tasks such as online games, streaming or VOIP calls. To take advantage of this, simply have a dual-band router and connect to 5GHz internet.

"Consumers can now download their favorite shows and movies in less than a minute: create, edit and share 4K / 360 video content at 6.5 times the speed; and stream and play games like 'World of Warcraft : Battle for Azeroth 'and' World of Tanks'.– Intel Official Announcement

Check below a list with the models of each line:Intel Core Series UIntel Core i7-8565UIntel Core i5-8265UIntel Core i3-8145U

Intel Core Series YIntel Core i7-8500YIntel Core i5-8200YIntel Core i3-8100Y

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