Intel gave up 5G modem after agreement between Apple and Qualcomm

As you may know, Apple and Qualcomm have signed a deal and put an end to the many disputes that have been going on in many countries.

Within hours of the announcement of the agreement, Intel Apple's partner in providing modems for iPhones iPads took everyone by surprise by announcing that they were giving up on their project for 5G modem for smartphones.

With the announcement, many wondered if Apple made the deal with Qualcomm because it already knew that Intel would not be able to deliver a 5G modem to it by 2020 or if that deal was the reason Intel threw in the towel. Second Bob swan, CEO of Intel, the second alternative to correct.

In an interview for the Wall street journalHe said that because of the deal between Apple and Qualcomm, they have evaluated the profit prospects for developing and delivering such technology to smartphones and conclude that there is currently no good alternative, a clear path to this.

I particularly (like Ian King and Mark Gurman from Bloomberg) believed in the other option, namely that Apple was forced to close a deal with Qualcomm on the understanding that Intel would not be able to provide it with a 5G chip next year. But Swan's statement makes sense, as Apple was the company's only major customer for this 5G modem.

It is worth noting, however, that Intel has not left 100% of the 5G market: Intel is still building network and infrastructure products, as well as modems for non-smartphone devices. She is also still deciding what to do with her 5G modem business, which has undoubtedly invested a lot of time and money, and some have even considered the possibility of Apple owning this business (patents and related inventions), after all, Apple is entering this head business.