Intel's profits grow 875% (!) In the fourth quarter of 2009, breaking yet another record in sales

Intel Completes Development of 32 Nanometer Chip Making Technology

Intel today announced that it has completed the development of its 32 nanometer chip manufacturing technology, which will result in processors with greater energy efficiency and less heat generation than those currently available on the market, produced in a 45 nanometer process.

The new manufacturing process consists of new techniques that allow the development of increasingly smaller transistors, resulting in chips with a much larger number of them than the current ones. In this way, Intel ensures compliance with its strategy of presenting a new and more efficient production technique each year.

The processors that will be launched as a result of this new technology will be more complex and will have much higher performance with lower production costs, making them significantly important for mobile devices and netbooks. It is estimated that an Atom chip produced through this process can be easily adopted on smartphones.

The first models of processors produced with this new 32 nanometer technology are expected to appear on the market a year from now, in the fourth quarter of 2009. Initially, they should be adopted on desktops, advancing soon afterwards for laptops.

[Via: Electronista.]