Intel brings high performance to laptops with 10th Generation processors

Intel brings high performance to laptops with 10th Generation processors

By the end of 2020, more than 30 notebooks equipped with Intel's 10th generation processor will be launched

THE Intel presented today (02) the 10th generation of mobile platforms Intel Core series H, providing decent desktop performance to the laptop world. This makes the devices ideal for handling high-performance entertainment. Find out below how to optimize the machines and how this will affect games and 4K video consumption.

Intel Core 10 Generation

10th generation processors are headed by the leader Intel Core i9-10980HK, with extreme performance of up to 5.3GHz Turbo, eight colors, 16 threads and 16 MB of Smart Cache. The unlocked processor powers laptops for gamers and creators, allowing for even more customization, optimization and CPU performance adjustments. The 10th generation also presents the Intel Core i7-10875H, with up to 5.1GHz Turbo, eight colors and 16 threads, perfect for gamers, creators or any other type of multi-tasking activity.

Customers also have access to a wide range of options, with more than 100 laptop designs to be launched by the end of the year, including more than 30 thin and light systems. The new platform is optimized for enthusiasts and creators, providing the fastest frequency in the industry with 5 GHz over most of the volume, which will provide incredible gameplay and rich creation for users

Fredrik Hamberger, CEO of Intel's Premium and Gaming Laptops segment

For entertainment

When comparing the i9-10980HK to a system three years ago, it offers performance up to 44% better for productivity and faster responses and the double speed rendering and exporting 4K videos, which makes it easier to create and share files. J o i7-10750H up to 5.0GHz Turbo, with performance at 33% better and export 4K video up 70% faster.

thunderbolt and image output for docks, 4K and 5K screens and data devicesThunderbolt 3 technology (Reproduo / Intel)

There is also support for Thunderbolt, technology with up to four times more bandwidth than USB 3.1, being made to move “content rich media”And connect to two 4K monitors (HDR). A new graphics architecture works alongside the Intel Iris Plus to take the consumer to a renewed experience. With such a graphic quality, it is expected that processors are also ideal when dealing with another type of content: electronic games.

For games

Still comparing the current generation to systems three years ago, the i9 offers up to 54% more frames per second, while the i7 takes up to 44% more FPS. According to a statement from Intel itself, “games and applications continue to depend on high frequency cores and Intel is extending the frequency cap to achieve lower latency and offer the best PC gaming experience on a laptop“.

intel is the plan for wireless gameplay, infographic showing different scenarios and qualities of Wi-Fi 6Wireless gaming will be enhanced by the Wi-Fi 6 experience (Reproduction / Intel)

In the image above, we see, in English, a plan of how the idea of ​​“freeing yarn gambling” works. Routers with chipset Wi-Fi 6 have better performance and response for games and the most curious is the distance of the players (upper right corner of the image) of three systems simultaneously connected, in different rooms of the same residence. THE Rivet Networks Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650, collaboration of Intel with Rivet, the product responsible for acting in such chipset from Intel.

Low latency and high download speed only priority when talking about games. So the manufacturer promises up to 75% lower latency, with less lag, and Wi-Fi 6 too 3x faster when downloading. Instead of a type of content pulling more from your connection, the system also recognizes (be it music streaming, videos or access to social networks) and deals with traffic intelligently, prioritizing games.

In collaboration with market leaders (HP, Dell and Asus, for example), Intel reports that more than 30 thin and light systems of 20 mm or less in thickness equipped with the 10th generation will be launched later this year.

SOURCES: Intel (USA) and Intel (BRA)