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Intel believes Apple will transition to its own chips as early as 2020

The future transition from Intel chips to ARM (Apple's) processors on Macs is already treated as an imminent event rather than a mere possibility. Some time ago, Bloomberg fanned the possibility of this exchange starting in 2020 or 2021; yesterday the Axios has come to confirm this prediction and report that Intel itself is already preparing for it.

According to the report, executives at the chip giant have told under the hood that the company is waiting for the change. “J for next year”Which certainly causes goose bumps there and Intel has to chase after alternatives to offset the loss of one of its main customers.

Evidence for the change is plentiful: other rumors are that Apple will use the upcoming WWDC to expand Project Marzipan and begin deeper sharing between iOS and macOS apps, making platforms closer and leaving the image of a Mac. with clearer ARM chip. Nevertheless, the Axios He said it was not Apple's plans to fully merge the two systems.

In addition, Apple has experience in making relatively smooth processor transitions on your computers. This was the case for Motorola's chips for PowerPC's chips and then for Intel's own. By the time Series A processors are able to equip Macs and make them as or more powerful than they are today, Ma is sure to turn the key quickly.

Who is excited about the idea?

via Cult of Mac