Intel Announces 10th Generation Intel Core S Series Processors for PC Gamers

Intel Announces 10th Generation Intel Core S Series Processors for PC Gamers

The 10th generation of Intel Core processors focused on ensuring higher performance for next generation games

THE Intel revealed this week the 10th generation of processors Intel Core Srie S, focused on desktop use. With a focus on graphics processing for games, the new processors company promises better performance for those who use the computer as the main platform for games.

The best gaming processor

This new generation will be headed by Intel Core i9-10900K, which has 10 cores, 20 threads and can achieve a clock speed of up to 5.3 GHz. With support for DDR4-2933 memory, the company guarantees that this processor has managed to achieve maximum performance (measured in benchmarks, or in frames per second when the first measurement option was not possible) in practically all tested games, which include games like Assassins Creed Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rainbow Six Siege.

This allows, for example, that a game like Monster Hunter World run with a frame rate per second 13% higher than in previous generation processors, and allows an improvement of up to 187 FPS in operations the simultaneous live transmission and recording of a game of PUBG.

Intel Core 10 processor generationTable compares the performance of the 10th generation of Intel processors with the previous one and with computers from three years ago (Image: Intel)

Another novelty that helps to offer the best gaming experience to the new Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, which can automatically identify which of the ten cores of the processor have the best performance in processing that specific application, and make sure that all processing takes place only in the best core (or, if necessary, in the two best cores), always ensuring that the user have maximum performance in any application.

And, among the novelties aimed especially at gamers, it was also announced the Dynasty Mode, a new game mode for Total War: Three Kingdoms developed in partnership between the company and Creative Assembly, developer of the game. In this mode, players will take control of three game heroes and must defeat hordes of enemies – and, if the player is using one of Intel's new processors, these hordes may have up to 6x more soldiers due to exclusive 10th generation optimizations. Srie S processors from the company.

Intel processorNew generation of Intel processors allow players to face up to 6x more enemies at the same time in the new Total War: Three Kingdoms game mode (Image: Intel)


The new ones processors are not only aimed at those looking for better performance in their games, but also for the vast community of people who like to overclock, and the 10th generation of Srie S gives Intel it has some features that will make this practice easier and safer.

One of these features is the use of an integrated circuit chip much thinner than previous generations, which not only shortens the distance between the chip and its heat sink, but also allows that heat sink to be even thicker, helping to maintain the lowest processor temperature even on the heaviest processing tasks.

Intel processorOn the left, the structure of a standard processor, and on the right, that of the new generation from Intel, which allows the use of a greater amount of dissipating material (Image: Intel)

Another one that the new processors allow users to enable and disable the hyper-threading function individually for each core of the processor, in addition to allowing greater control of the component's voltage and frequency curves – a type of control that is not seen in any other brand.

All of these controls can be accessed in the new version of Extreme Tuning Utility, which will have even more functions for graphical and performance improvements than the previous ones. The new processors will also be launched along with a new version of the Intel Performance Optimizer, the Intel designed to help those who want to overclock their machines safely.

Intel processorNew version of Intel Extreme Tuning Utility brings even more possibilities for customizing processor functions (Image: Intel)

In addition, the new generation of Intel processors will come with integrated support for WiFi 6 and Itel25 Ethernet technology (Foxville) from INtel, which allows transfers of up to 2.5 GbE, ensuring that these new company processors have an optimal performance both internet access and communication between computers on a local network.

Price and availability

intel processorThe entire family of processors that are part of the 10th generation Intel Core Srie S (Image: Intel)

According to Intel, the entire line of 10th generation Intel Core Srie S processors will be available worldwide from May 2020, and can be found in major retail stores or already present in the most diverse desktop computers sold in stores specialized.

As for the price of these processors, it should vary between US $ 42 (for the Celeron G5900, which is the simplest model of this generation) up to US $ 488 (for the i9-10900K, than the most advanced processor in the line). In direct conversion, this amount would be between R $ 225 (for the Celeron G5900) and R $ 2606 (for the i9-10900K) considering the dollar value this morning (30th), but there is still no official price for these components in Brazil, so it is possible that the actual sales values ​​will be very different from those calculated when they are launched here .

Intel Announces 10 Generation of Intel Core Srie S Processors for PC GamersTable of top 10 generation processors from Intel (Image: Intel)
Intel processorIntel 10th Generation Processor Table (Image: Intel)
Intel processorTable of the most basic processors of the 10th generation from Intel (Image: Intel)