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Integrate your Android smartphone with Ubuntu via KDE Connect

KDE Connect is an application, as the name suggests, of the KDE project. However, the tool is not limited to the KDE ecosystem, its usability goes beyond.

KDE Connect is very popular with Linux users, whether on Plasma or other graphical environments, the indispensable tool for anyone with a smartphone Android


Before demonstrating the KDE Connect installation process, I will cover some of its key features:

  • Indicator on panel showing your devices being, name, status and battery
  • Access the files from smartphone via SFTP;
  • Send files, URLs and SMS to Android;
  • Find the smartphone by sound effect;
  • Linux desktop notifications;
  • Remote Slide Show;
  • Multimedia control;
  • Execute commands on Linux via KDE Connect app on Android;
  • Remotely control mouse cursor with gesture navigation touchpad from a laptop);
  • And much more

For KDE Connect to work, some requirements are required:

  • Have KDE Connect installed on your system (installed by default on Plasma);
  • Having installed the KDE Connect indicator in graphical environments other than Plasma;
  • Own the app Android on your smartphone;
  • Be in the same network wifi (smartphone and Praça);
  • Have the appropriate permissions and be paired (smartphone and Praça).

Installing KDE Connect on Your Linux Distribution

The first step download the app Android directly from Google Play, you can search the store directly, how much access by this link.

As I mentioned earlier, KDE Connect comes standard with the KDE Plasma environment by default, so just download the Android app.

For users of the standard Ubuntu interface, Gnome-Shell, there is an extension called GSCconnect. Search for it in the store and install it normally, with this add-on KDE Connect installed without the need for Qt dependencies.

kde-connect-gsconnect-ubuntu-mint-linux-gnome-plasma-android-smartphone-integration-pc-mouse-virtual-sms-cellphone kde-connect-gsconnect-ubuntu-mint-linux-gnome-plasma-android-smartphone-integration-pc-mouse-virtual-sms-cellphone

Configuring KDE Connect

After installing KDE Connect on both devices, smartphone and PC, you will have to pair the devices. Open the KDE Connect Bookmark (GSConnect starts from the system) and in app from Android go to the hamburger menu and click Pair new device. If both are on the same network wifi a message requesting pairing appears.


KDE Connect and GSConnect have the same logic of operation and their interfaces with similar options for example in commands I usually add 2 to manage my computer volume directly from smartphone (the following image from GSConnect).


In the Android app you will find various options such as: Upload Files, Remote Slide Show, Multimedia Control (if you are playing a movie with vlc, for example), Run Command (which you have set up on your PC) and Remote Data Entry (a virtual mouse).

kde-connect-gsconnect-ubuntu-mint-linux-gnome-plasma-android-smartphone-integration-pc-mouse-virtual-sms-cellphone If you want to see KDE Connect working, I made a video some time ago on my channel OSystematicI currently use GSConnect, but the identical logic. After all, it is nothing more than a graphical implementation for the Gnome-Shell interface. (This video does not cover how to add the KDE Connect Bookmark to boot from the system, in the case of GSConnect there is no need).

Without a doubt KDE Connect is an application that every Android and PC user should have, by the way, who never wanted to lie down and control the computer at a distance (), but of course its use can be much more interesting. Integrating Android notifications, answering messages directly from your computer, are all details that make the experience very practical.

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